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Tolls & Toll Roads.

The current road toll system is imperfect. An equitable and just tolling system reduces congestion from local roads and freeways by providing fair tolling prices and classes vehicles in a reasonable and similar method across our roads. Toll roads should be designed in consultation with the community and be constructed to ensure a high level of road safety.

Transport Matters supports the following policies to create a fair toll system for all Australians:

  • Tolls should be equitable and fair for all road users;
  • The classing of vehicles using tolls should be based on a vehicle weight and height;
  • CPV should be exempt from tolls to reduce the cost of travel and lower operating costs;
  • In the alternative, Taxi and CPV Vehicles should be charge the same price and have access to the same number of passes as Rideshare Vehicles to ensure the viability and fairness for drivers;
  • Information regarding tolls should be clear, accessible and provided by toll companies;
  • To reduce congestion off local roads, toll roads should use ‘time of day’ tolling system to encourage road users to travel in non-peak hour periods;
  • To maintain road conditions, distance-based tolls should be used on long stretches of road to reflect the cost of maintaining the road travelled;
  • Toll roads should have clear and visible signage upon entering and exiting;
  • Toll roads should be owned and operated by government on behalf of the public to assist in the maintenance of all roads;
  • Companies that own toll roads should provide a yearly report on their expenditure, revenue and costs based on money received from tolls;
  • Local communities, individuals and councils should have meaningful and substantive opportunities to participate in the decision-making of creating new toll roads;
  • Toll road safety should be improved by implementing solid road safety barriers, wider emergency lanes and additional access points for emergency vehicles;




Fair & Equitable Tolls

  1. Adopt policies and strategies that reduce the financial burden on families and small businesses
  2. Ensure all toll roads treat and class Taxi’s, CPV and Rideshare Vehicles the same.
  3. Toll roads should be used to reduce local road congestion. As such toll fares should be reasonable and encourage toll road use.