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Suburban Rail Loop

Suburban Rail Loop (SRL)

Transport Matters supports the creation of the Suburban Rail Loop in Victoria.

This 90-kilometre rail link will transform the way Victorians move by connecting every major rail line in the network, via the airport, to enhance jobs, retail, education and health services.

Transport Matters also recognises that the City of Manningham is the sole metropolitan municipality that remains unconnected to the rail network and has been promised for heavy rail services for over 129 years. As a result, the City of Manningham experiences increased road congestion, forced car ownership and overcrowding on local bus services.

Transport Matters also acknowledges that the proposed station at Doncaster, located within the City of Manningham, is the most technical engineering aspect of the SRL design. It is for that reason we believe it is essential that Stage 1 of the SRL is extended to include Doncaster. 

We support:

  • The implementation of the SRL;
  • Extending Stage 1 of the SRL to Doncaster (the next station);
  • Connecting the Airport to the rail network;
  • Enhancing Job opportunities and local businesses;
  • Connecting Victorians to hospitals, education centres and other services;
  • Reducing traffic sewers and road congestion;
  • Encouraging the use of public transport and reducing forced car ownership;
  • Improving transport travel times;
  • Creating green community hubs in and around rail stations to increase social engagement, education and wellbeing.

Our Aims:

1 Enhance Public Transport Usage

2 Connect the City of Manningham to the Rail Network

3 Improve access to education, employment opportunities and health services.

For more information on Extending Stage One of Suburban Rail Loop to Doncaster, we encourage you to read the online report

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