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Road vs Rail Debate

Transport Matters is pragmatic about the need for improvement our road network to reduce congestion, enhance road user safety and increase its compatibility with the public transport network.

Today Victoria is suffering from the effects of rapid expansion. We understand that without the proper and necessary infrastructure to help the city cope, congestion, longer travel times and increased driver frustration are inevitable.

Many lifestyle changes are contributing to road pressures. We recognise that a train or bus might be a consideration to get to work, but if we want a fridge delivered or the groceries it’s going to come on a truck. Couriers and parcel delivery services are booming, and the gig economy in point to point transport and food delivery has also seen an explosion that has contributed to road congestion.

In order to meet the needs of Victorians ever growing population, we support:

  • Balancing investment between road and rail projects;
  • Investing in road infrastructure that supports and includes public transport and bicycles;
  • Improving road maintenance in both council and state-owned roads;
  • Implementing bicycle lanes, bus lanes and dedicated tram tracks;
  • Reducing road fatalities and injuries;
  • Solid concrete, water and/or metal road barriers;
  • Better lighting of major freeway and highways;
  • Investing in mass transportation infrastructure and cross-city routes;
  • Reporting of road incidents and statistics to a single body;
  • Incentivises to move toward clean and green vehicle fleets.

Transport Matters also supports the Inquiry into Increase in Victoria’s Road Toll and encourages the implementation of additional policies towards achieving zero road fatalities in Victoria.


1 Reduce road fatalities and injuries;

2 Invest in road infrastructure that supports public transport and bicycles;

3 Improve road maintenance.

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