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Road vs Rail Debate

Transport Matters is pragmatic about the need for improvements in both our road network and public transport system.

Victoria has a rapidly growing population. We need to invest in and improve mass transportation infrastructure, cross-city routes as well as provision for first and last mile journeys. We should incentivise a move toward clean and green vehicle fleets and bicycle transport as a matter of priority.

However, we cannot focus on moving the masses by public transport in isolation of the need for an improved road network.

Victoria today is suffering from the effects of rapid expansion without the proper and necessary considerations for infrastructure projects which would help the city cope better.

Additionally, we are seeing many lifestyle changes which are contributing to road pressures. While we recognise that a train or bus might be a consideration to get to work, if we want a fridge delivered or the groceries it’s going to come on a truck. Couriers and parcel delivery services are booming and the gig economy in point to point transport and food delivery has also seen an explosion that has contributed to road congestion.

Our lifestyle options surrounding how we shop, eat and travel are all contributing to congestion on our roads. We need to cater for it better and also recognise that we may need to accept some changes in trends are necessary.

A better balance is needed for our modern lifestyle and that means finding incentives to get people on public transport while making improvements to the road network to facilitate commercial and domestic travel.

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