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Road Safety

Deaths on our roads are not a certainty, they are not “accidents.” These deaths are mostly preventable. 

In cities such as Oslo and Helsinki, pedestrian and cyclist deaths were cut to zero in 2019. The Government’s aim of reducing the road toll by 50 per cent by 2030 is not ambitious enough.  

Due to the time on the road, the drivers most at risk of fatigue are commercial drivers. On top of that, they face severe financial pressures to work beyond their legal requirements to make ends meet. To successfully reduce the road toll, we must address the lack of fatigue management regulation in the commercial passenger vehicle industry.  

An important aspect of road safety often ignored is pedestrian safety. In Victoria, we need to invest in walking infrastructure that safely facilitates walking. Unfortunately, shared paths are not effective in ensuring the safety of walkers.  

Pedestrians and road users are also put at risk by the rising use of E-Scooters. Unfortunately, several accidents have taken place since the trial began and significant loopholes in the scheme have been uncovered. These must be addressed to ensure that those at risk are covered by insurance or TAC.  

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  • Emma Louise Gardner
    published this page in Policy 2022-10-28 11:20:50 +1100