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Regional Bus Services

Regional Buses – The School Bus Solution

 Transport disadvantage is a serious and prominent issue in our regional communities. It impacts their job opportunities, ability to access support services and their ability to connect with others.

In particular, a poor regional bus network reduces employment opportunities and forces car-ownership. For those under eighteen and without a driver’s license, a lack of effective and reliable public transport reduces their ability to undertake apprenticeships and higher education degrees.

Transport Matters is committed to improving the Regional Bus Network.

We support:

  • Increased funding to expand the Regional Bus Network;
  • Improved service frequency;
  • Early morning and evening services;
  • Inter-connected bus services to other transport options such as rail;
  • Flexible and place-based transport solutions in Regional Victoria;
  • Affordable transport options;
  • Government funded community buses;
  • Improving regional education facilities and health services.

In addition, Transport Matters supports the School Bus Solution in Regional Victoria. The School Bus Solution aims to address local transport needs by enabling the local public to use school buses supplied under the School Bus Program run by the Department of Education and Training, and Department of Transport.

This program proposes to:

  • Improve public transport options for Regional Victoria;
  • Reduce bullying on school buses;
  • Improve education and employment outcomes;
  • Reduce social exclusion;
  • Improve mental wellbeing and local morale; and
  • Increase access to health services;
  • Ensure and enhance child safety to and from school.

Our Aims:

  1. Create an affordable and reliable regional bus network;
  2. Increase public transport options and connectivity in Regional Victoria;
  3. Reduce forced car ownership;
  4. Improve education, health and job opportunities in Regional and Rural communities.

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