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Public Transport

Public transport is vital to keep Victoria “on the move”. An effective and efficient public transport network ensures the reduction of congestion on our roads. Public transport also helps lessen our carbon footprint by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

Transport Matters support the following policies to help encourage increased patronage across the public transport network.

  • Public transport should be free for all passengers under the age of 18 or over the age of 65.
  • Public transport should also be free for all full-time students.
  • Public transport should be the cost of a gold coin only.
  • The CBD free tram zone should be extended to include the major inner-city hospital and academic precincts as well as major inner-city sporting venues and tourist destinations.
  • There should be provision for safe bike storage at bus, train and tram stops.
  • We should invest more in first and last mile transport options that link residential areas to major transport hubs. The ease of the first and last mile is either the deterrent or incentive to catching public transport – particularly in the outer suburbs.
  • Frequency of train services needs improvement. Every 10 minutes all day every day till midnight. Many of the train lines around Melbourne have been working on the same timetable for over half a century.
  • Real time GPS information at every tram, train and bus stop.
  • Rail out to the airport and up the Eastern corridor are long overdue.
  • The bus network offers route flexibility where heavy rail and tram networks are not viable. A full review of bus services in the outer suburbs should be conducted to plan and implement much needed improvements and develop integration strategies for newer technologies.
  • Trackless trams are another alternative ready for integration into the public transport mix, a direction strongly supported by Transport Matters.

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