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Bicycle Infrastructure


Transport Matters recognises the increasing usage of Bicycles by Victorians. In 2017, bicycles accounted for 16% of all vehicle movement in the City of Melbourne in the morning period (between 7am and 10am). Additionally, Bicycles Network alone has over 50,000 members Australia-wide.

Bike riding is not only good for our mental and physical wellbeing but a viable and attractive transport option for Victorians.

It is for this reason we support:

  • The ‘One Meter apart’ policy to protect cyclists from traffic;
  • Investing in bike lanes both on-road and off-road;
  • Additional secure bike storages in and around public transport;
  • Inclusion of mountain bike trails and bike parks in local council areas;
  • Educating young Victorians on bike safety;
  • Improving policies around cyclists to enhance their safety;
  • Implementing legislation to protect pedestrians injured by cyclists.



1 Improving cyclist and pedestrian safety;

2 Increasing bicycle usage.

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