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Policy Priorities

The Transport Matters Party will constantly strive for improvement of the entire transport and infrastructure network throughout Victoria; in order to enhance everyone’s quality of life and preserve the environment.

Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry

Transport Matters proposes a number of changes to advance the commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) industry, improve driver income and move to a more environmentally sustainable vehicle fleet. In looking forward, we are acutely mindful of the...
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Regional Infrastructure

Regional and rural Australia has been neglected over decades through under investment in transport infrastructure despite decentralisation policies. Improved connectivity of different modes of transport through better synchronisation of timetables between bus...
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Tolls & Toll Roads. The current road toll system is imperfect. An equitable and just tolling system reduces congestion from local roads and freeways by providing fair tolling prices and classes vehicles...
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The Transport Matters Party supports housing first. Homelessness across Australia encompasses a wide array of individuals and families who may be sleeping rough, in unstable short-term accommodation or inadequate housing. On the...
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