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International Equal Pay Day

Today, Friday the 18th September is International Equal Pay Day.  Equal pay is now more relevant than ever, as we know so many Victorian’s are being left behind.

Equal pay is a matter of protecting the most vulnerable and working towards a more equitable society. This begins with addressing the disproportionate effect COVID-19 has had on women and the growing gig economy.

Women already experienced a gender pay gap averaging 14% in Australia and this pandemic pose a risk to women falling even further behind. This is unacceptable.

We see this inequality also reflected in superannuation. Women have significantly less money saved for their retirement, as they often move in and out of paid work to care for family members.

This means Australian women are living their final years in poverty. This is a problem that needs to be solved. Our mothers, daughters and sisters all deserve to receive equal pay for equal work and be supported in their retirement.

The gig economy is also a contributing factor to unequal pay. The gig economy is characterised by low-pay, lack of protections and job insecurity. Unfortunately, as more Victorian’s lose their jobs, it is only getting bigger.

Workers without employee benefits, such as annual leave, sick pay and super, are being left to fend for themselves. Protecting worker’s rights should be at the forefront of our minds as we support Victorian’s through this pandemic.

This equal pay day we hope that you can take some time to think about how we can work together towards a more fair and equitable society. 

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