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The Transport Matters Party supports housing first.

Homelessness across Australia encompasses a wide array of individuals and families who may be sleeping rough, in unstable short-term accommodation or inadequate housing. On the last ABS census night 116,000 people were estimated to be experiencing homelessness.

We believe that it is important that every Australian has access to safe, stable and affordable housing.

We believe that once individuals, couples, and families are in housing, additional support services are able to provide these individuals with the relevant assistance they require to get back on their feet.. Whether that be job training, mental health support, financial assistance or more.

We support:

  • Increased social and affordable housing;
  • That all individuals or families in transitional housing be placed into social or affordable housing within six months;
  • Additional crisis and transitional housing to get people off the streets and into safety immediately;
  • Focused policies for rural and regional areas to meet the unique challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness in these communities;
  • Additional resources including housing, social workers and mental health workers in rural and regional areas;
  • Increased wrap around services at the crisis and transitional housing stages;
  • Additional mental health nurses and psychologists for those experiencing homelessness and at risk of homelessness including those suffering mental health issues, domestic violence, job loss, alcohol and drug abuse, and difficult times;
  • Increased support for indigenous people to enable them to stay connected with their community whilst in safe and affordable housing.



  1. Increased affordable housing;
  2. Additional wrap around services for those experiencing homelessness and at risk of homelessness;
  3. To change the perspectives of Australians on homelessness.


What is affordable housing?

Affordable housing is typically considered to be when a property prices and rent is priced to meet the needs of very low to moderate income households. Affordable housing prices enables households to be able to afford their other basic living costs (e.g food, transport, education).