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Free Tram Zone

Transport Matters is dedicated to improving Victoria’s public transport and supports extending the free tram zone.

We believe that extending the free tram zone will enable young, elderly and vulnerable Victorians with greater access to our hospitals, universities and sporting precincts; as well as boosting our local economy and tourism industry.

Currently, the free tram zone excludes our hospitals, sporting precincts or universities.

We believe extending the free tram zone is one way Victoria can change the public’s opinion on public transport – to make public transport the best way to travel in and around the CBD.

In addition to changing the way people move around our city, Transport Matters supports extending the free tram zone for the following reasons:

  • Improve access to education;
  • Boost the local economy;
  • Enable the sick and vulnerable sufficient access to our hospitals and health services;
  • Reducing congestion in the CBD;
  • Increase tourism.

In the alternative, we support:

  • Dynamic pricing of all public transport;
  • Free public transport for all students;
  • Free public transport for seniors.


  1. Increased reliance and usage of public transport;
  2. Enable the young, sick and the vulnerable greater access to hospitals and to an education;
  3. To reduce city congestion;
  4. Improve local tourism and the local economy.

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