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First Nations

I believe that Aboriginal health should be in Aboriginal hands. That is why we must provide greater funding for Aboriginal health services to perform this critical work.  

Unfortunately, First Nations peoples still face systematic discrimination, especially in the healthcare sector. Not only does this have an impact on the quality of healthcare they receive, but it also deters them from seeking healthcare services when in need.  

1 in 3 VAGO reports since 1955 have never focused on Aboriginal affairs. There is a clear need for an overarching commission that is mandated to provide robust community driven oversight of services. A commission is also vital for self-determination and would complement the process of treaty.  

We need an oversight mechanism to measure and make a difference in addressing Aboriginal disadvantage. 

The treaty process in Victoria is an opportunity to make sure that Aboriginal people always have the freedom and power to make decisions that affect their communities, culture and Country. 

There is a clear need for systemic reform to ensure that Aboriginal people are in control of the decisions that impact them including the oversight of services. 


I support: 

  • Working with the First Peoples Assembly of Victoria to negotiate a State-wide Treaty that builds political power including making changes to structures and systems of government to ensure First Peoples have greater control over their lives and destinies. 
  • Local Traditional Owner Treaties which may include matters relating to Country and Community. 
  • An Independent Aboriginal Affairs Commission that has the power to review all programs and policies that impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The Commission would report to Parliament.  
  • Mandated cultural awareness training across the health sector to eliminate systematic discrimination.  
  • Establishment of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicidal taskforce modelled on the successful Family Violence Taskforce.  
  • 1.5% of all land tax revenue in Victoria should be used to create an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander infrastructure fund. This would fund ongoing infrastructure needs into the future.  

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  • Emma Louise Gardner
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