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Transport Matters believes that as a community we have a responsibility to look after our environment. To create a sustainable Victoria, we must take appropriate steps towards protecting and supporting all flora and fauna.

Supporting and protecting our environment is essential for our wellbeing and survival.

We support:

  • Reducing greenhouse gases and emissions;
  • The implementation and development of electric and hybrid buses, taxis and cars;
  • Reducing road congestion and improving public transport infrastructure;
  • Wind and solar farms;
  • Protection of wildlife and habitat;
  • Green hubs to support local biodiversity;
  • Sustainable farming;
  • Improved waste management and increased recycling capabilities of Victorian facilities;
  • Preventing animal cruelty;
  • Increased park lands and wetlands in suburban areas;
  • Research into the management of state forests and parklands in order to prevent bushfires;
  • Reducing reliance on plastics and non-recyclable materials where possible.


1 Encourage use of environmentally sustainable and friendly technologies;

2 Increasing public transport usage;

3 Reducing the use of non-recyclable products such as plastic bags.

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