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As a community we have a responsibility to look after our environment. We believe that improving our public transport system is one way we can make our day-to-day life more sustainable. 

 To create a future for Victoria, we believe we must take appropriate steps towards saving our environment. 

 It is for this reason that we support the implementation of solar and wind farms as well as hydro power, such as the implementation of largest engineering project, Snowy Hydro, under the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme in New South Wales. In addition, over the next few years we will no doubt see more cars become electric, autonomous and energy efficient, and it is important that we all jump onboard. 

 In May 2021, I negotiated with the government regarding the Electric Vehicle (EV) road user charge to ensure that there would be a substantial investment and subsidy package in place to encourage EV uptake in the short term. This became a $100 million package that provided 25,000 subsidies for EV buyers and investment in charging infrastructure. Subsidies do not need to be provided once price parity is reached, which is expected to occur anywhere between 2025 and 2030. 

 This is not the last conversation we will be having regarding EVs. I will be advocating for greater investment in EV charging infrastructure, the conversion of the taxi fleet to electric and greater incentives for EV uptake. 

 Every step we take towards saving the environment is essential for our health and wellbeing. 


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  • Emma Louise Gardner
    published this page in Policy 2020-10-05 15:30:00 +1100