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Delivery Rider Safety

Today, Rod asked the Government what is being done to ensure UberEats and other food delivery companies are fulfilling their due diligence to protect riders and ensure rider competency.

24th November 2020

My question is for the Minster for Transport, represented in this place by Minister Pulford.

Last month, three food delivery riders for companies were killed in Australia including Melbourne. Sadly, another innocent delivery rider lost their life in Canberra yesterday. These incidents are becoming all to frequent, these gig economy delivery companies have a duty of care to ensure their riders are competent as well as equipped with quality helmets, safety jackets and their scooters are in a roadworthy state. These are work place deaths!, I ask the minister:

What is the government doing to ensure that Gig economy food delivery companies are undertaking their responsibilities to maintain proper work safe practices?

Supplementary question

I understand these rideshare companies do not require their riders to undergo any tests or prove that they have the capacity to safely ride and transport food. As we know, VIC Roads plays a part ensuring riders and vehicles are safe to be on Victorian Roads.

Therefore, my supplementary question is, what VIC Road programs ensures that these delivery riders, are capable and safe to be on Victorian Roads? And if there isn’t any program, why not?


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