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Protections in the Gig Economy

August 20, 2022

Mr BARTON: My question today is for Minister Pulford, representing the minister for road safety and transport, and coincidentally is on the subject of Uber and the Transport Workers Union, who are also friends of mine. They signed an agreement earlier this month that established...

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‘Violence guarantees success’ says ex-Uber CEO: the illegal strategy that decimated livelihoods

August 11, 2022

More than 124,000 confidential documents have been leaked to Britain’s Guardian newspaper that outline Uber’s guerrilla strategy that involved dodging police, undermining regulators, and undisclosed meetings with politicians. Rod Barton MP believes none of what has come to light should be surprising. These leaked...

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August 04, 2022

My adjournment this evening is for the minister for transport. More than 124 000 confidential documents have been leaked to Britain’s Guardian newspaper that outline Uber’s aggressive and illegal tactics that involved dodging police, undermining inept regulators and undisclosed meetings with politicians. None of this comes as a...

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